Cosmetic and Prosthetic Contact Lenses

At Zacks London Eye Clinic in central London we fit a variety of cosmetic contact lenses and prosthetic contact lenses for special effects in film and television productions as well as to help patients hide disfiguring eye conditions and for those who simply want to change the colour of their eyes for fun.

Cosmetic Contact Lenses and Prosthetic Contact Lenses at Zacks London Eye Clinic

‘Very thorough exam and superbly fitted lenses… the aftercare and support were exceptional’

J Hume

Disposable Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Daily disposable cosmetic contact lenses are available in a small selection of colours and a limited prescription range. Monthly disposable cosmetic lenses are available in several different colours and effects in a wider range of prescriptions.

Made to Measure Cosmetic Contact Lenses

With made to measure cosmetic contact lenses the possibilities are endless:

  • Tints can be applied in any colour and depth of colour from light to medium to dark.
  • A printed iris can be overlaid in different colours to create unique colour blends in any diameter.
  • The lens can have a light or dark backing with clear, tinted or blackened pupils and effects such as limbal rings or collarettes can be added, providing endless cosmetic possibilities.
  • The lens can be made in any size and shape and prescription.

Hand Painted Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Hand painted prosthetic contact lenses are individually crafted by skilled artists to hide unwanted blemishes and provide the best possible match to each patient’s natural eye colour. The process is performed with such fine detail that brushes with only a few hairs (sometimes even a single hair) are used.

Special Effects Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Tailor made soft contact lenses can be produced in any size and shape with any pattern or style to produce special effects, such as animal eyes, monster eyes, aliens eyes, white out, ageing, blood drenched etc. At Zacks London Eye Clinic we have supplied and fitted cosmetic and prosthetic contact lenses for several film and television productions.

Cosmetic & Prosthetic Contact Lenses – Fitting and Aftercare

Cosmetic contact lenses often allow less oxygen to reach the surface of the eye than clear prescription lenses. The contact lens fitting and biocompatibility of the material with the eye is extremely important to ensure safe wear. According to UK legislation, zero powered cosmetic contact lenses should only be supplied under the supervision of a qualified optician or medical practitioner. At Zacks London Eye Clinic our fitting procedure and aftercare consultations for zero powered lenses are the same as for prescription contact lenses.

As with any contact lens, appropriate handling, cleaning and disinfection techniques are essential and it is important to comply with the recommended wearing times and frequency of lens replacement.

More Information

For more information on cosmetic contact lenses or to find out if they are suitable for your eyes, please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at our London practice.

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