Piggyback Contact Lenses

At Zacks Eye Clinic in central London we see several patients, with complex requirements who benefit greatly from piggyback contact lenses.

What are piggyback contact lenses?

Piggyback fitting places a hard RGP contact lens on top of a soft contact lens. The shapes and sizes of both lenses can be altered providing a flexible system to help even the most challenging patients.

Piggyback contact lenses at Zacks London Eye Clinic

‘My ophthalmologist recommended Zacks for specialist contact lenses, my vision is now excellent, better than I’ve seen in years’

Aziz Kahn

Why use piggyback contact lenses?

  • Piggyback contact lenses combine the comfort of a soft lens with the visual acuity of a hard RGP lens required for irregular corneas.
  • The soft lens can be used to provide protection to a compromised corneal surface. Acting as cushion to reduce the risk of further damage or scarring from a rigid lens rubbing. The system enables patients, who would be unable to see with spectacles, or soft lenses, to continue to achieve good visual acuity with their rigid lenses.

Super-permeable materials allow safe wear

The technique was first used in the 1970’s, but in those days contact lens materials did not allow enough oxygen to the eye for piggyback lens systems to be worn safely for long periods. These days however, the latest super permeable contact lens materials mean that piggy back systems can be worn more safely for long hours.

Specialist fitting piggyback lenses

When fitting a piggyback system it is important the each lens moves freely and independently of each other for adequate tear exchange. The base soft lens power can be adjusted to flatten or steepen the natural corneal profile, to ‘smooth out’ the surface before applying the best fit rigid lens on top. The rigid lens provides a new refractive surface to correct any irregularities in the corneal profile and deliver a sharply focused image.

More Information

For more information on piggyback contact lenses or to find out if they are suitable for your eyes, please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation at our London practice.

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