Counteract the effects of Ageing with Nikon SeeCoat Bright

Now that we have started nestling in for winter and the clocks have turned back we are inundated with patients complaining of difficulties reading or conducting visually demanding activities in dim light.

Fortunately, for the first time ever, we have a solution that may be able to help. Nikon optical have just released a new lens coating called ‘SeeCoat Bright’, which is specially designed to counteract the ageing effects in the crystalline lens. Nikon claim that this new coating will give a brighter colour perception and improved contrast to patients with less colour sensitivity. The coating comes with Nikon’s usual scratch resistance warranty and incorporates an e-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) to protect eyes from UV.

To tempt you further to try this new coating, for a limited period only, you can download a £50 voucher towards a new pair of glasses.