Dry or Watery Eyes

Are you suffering from Dry or Watery Eyes?

Over the past few weeks nearly every one I have seen has complained of dry or watery eyes, with symptoms including itching burning and variable vision. I recently made a video with a team from Moorfields Eye Hospital on the subject of dry or watery eyes and we have dedicated an entire page of our website to give advice and support. In the practice we have stocked up on a variety of products to treat dry eye and the staff are well versed on giving advice on their usage. If you are suffering from dry or watery eyes and need some additional help or advice then please do feel free to get in touch or for more information click here.

On a brighter note, you can download an eye watering £50 off discount voucher, which mean this is the perfect time to purchase a new pair of glasses, with huge savings on spectacle frames and sunglasses.