Children’s Eye Sight Tests

A children's eye sight test in our London practice

At Zacks Eye Clinic in central London (W1) we see children from birth for eye sight tests. Several specialist assessments are performed on young children to check the health of their eyes and ascertain their quality of vision and spectacle prescription. More detailed examinations are available for children with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or those requiring contact lenses or orthokeratology.

Why Children’s Eye Sight Tests Are so Important

Regular routine eye examinations are recommended for all children to ensure normal visual development. Significant refractive errors or squints left uncorrected during critical periods (up to age 8-10) will result in amblyopia (permanently impaired vision). Many children present for eye sight tests because of concerns raised within the home or school, though several slip through the net.

Vision Problems in Children

There is considerable research that supports the need for regular testing. Recent UK studies have found that one in five school-age children have some form of undetected vision problems. The US dept of health and human services found that visual impairment affects up to 10% of pre-school children, of which a third have amblyopia (lazy eye) and two thirds have uncorrected refractive errors.

Link: Myopia Control


Child having an eye sight test

In older children the incidence of myopia (short-sight) has rapidly increased throughout the world. A recent Swedish study found that 50% of 12 year olds are myopic, expected to rise to 70% by age 18, with over 80% in parts of SE Asia.

Vision Screening

There is no national framework for vision screening. Pre-school checks are negligible and after school entry there is great regional variability. Tests are usually carried out by the school nurse who assesses vision asking the child to read down a chart of letters or shapes. There is increasing scepticism on the value of this test with several reviews showing little evidence to support its effectiveness. The main issue lies in detecting refractive errors. Undetected, these can cause a number of problems ranging from chronic headaches to under achievement academically.

Vision & Reading Difficulties

Reading difficulties, affecting up to 10% of school children, can be part of a wider spectrum of problems and may be associated with conditions affecting how the eyes work together and focus at near. Often spectacles or simple exercises can be used to overcome these muscle weaknesses to stop symptoms including print moving or jumbling.

Test chart used for Childre's Eye Sight Test

Coloured overlays and tints can also be used with similar effects in some people (Meares Irlen syndrome). The colour has to be accurately prescribed and is different for everyone. At Zacks Eye Clinic in central London we provide specialist consultations for children with dyslexia or other learning difficulties.

Link: Dyslexia Eye Sight Test

Zacks Local School Vision Screening

For local schools we offer two solutions:

  1. We can provide a letter of information to be given to teachers and parents to increase awareness of child related sight problems and highlight the benefit of regular examinations.
  2. We can visit the school with a small team of clinicians to provide accurate vision screening assessments. Any children suspected of having visual problems would then be given a letter recommending a more thorough examination at our children’s clinic.

More Information – Children’s Eye Sight Tests

If you would like more information on children’s eye sight tests, myopia control, dyslexia consultations or dispensing advice please get in touch to make an appointment at our London practice.

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