Corporate Eye Sight Tests

Corporate Eye Sight Tests – Central London W1

Zacks London Eye Clinic has provided corporate eye sight tests for several local companies based near our premises in central London W1 for many years. The corporate scheme enables companies to fulfil their health and safety obligations for VDU users with minimal administration work and expenditure and provides employees with large discounts on our products and services.

Image of corporate clients who attend for corporate eye sight tests

Our award winning practice uses the very latest technology to provide state of the art examinations and specialist services. In addition to the sight test, advice is given regarding use of occupational equipment, such as VDU’s and visual problems arising within the work place. Spectacle lenses specifically designed for use with computers are prescribed when necessary.

Below are details on the relevant health and safety obligations along with information on how we can help your company fulfill their obligations with our corporate scheme.

Healthy and Safety Obligations

The EC directive on visual display equipment was brought into effect by regulations under the Health and Safety at work act on 1st January 1993. The guidance states that the employer is required to pay for an eye sight test and any appliances prescribed to correct vision defects at the viewing distances specifically used for the display screen work concerned.

In order to determine the visual status and needs of the display screen equipment user and to give appropriate advice where an employee takes up his or her entitlement under the health and safety regulations, the eye sight test referred to therein must be the testing of sight as defined in the opticians act 1989 and subsequent related regulations

VDU users who require corporate eye sight tests

Corporate Eye Sight Tests – The Scheme Benefits

  1. Up to 50% off the eye examination fee (depends on number of employees seen per year)
  2. Up to 50% off a complete pair of VDU glasses (from a selected range).
  3. Additional 20% Staff discount for those keen to upgrade their glasses.
  4. Minimal administration. We can invoice your company once a month and provide a list of names of the employees we have seen. Alternatively your employees can pay us directly at the time of their examinations.
How the scheme works...

  1. The employee should bring a letter provided by their HR department authorising us to invoice their company for an agreed reduced fee. Alternatively the employee could pay us and get reimbursed by their company.
  2. The Corporate eye sight test is the same as a ‘standard’ eye examination with an additional emphasis on checking the vision at the VDU working distance and if necessary providing an additional VDU prescription. Our examinations usually take at least half an hour and include digital scans of the front and back of the eyes (companies offering these scans usually charge additional fees for them). Further specialist examinations are available on request and these would be charged to the employee separately.
  3. The discount applied to the eye examination fee is dependent on the number of employees referred to us by the company each year. Some companies refer all of their employees for annual eye examinations whereas other companies only refer those requesting an examination.
  4. Most local companies offer their employees between £50 and £100 towards their spectacles. Some companies will only pay for spectacles that are solely required for VDU use (to fulfill the H&S obligations) whereas others offer the contribution towards spectacles required for general use. If necessary we can provide certificates outlining our recommendations on whether spectacles are required solely for VDU use, general use or both.
  5. If spectacles are required, the employee can chose from a selected range (paid for entirely by their employer) or upgrade to more expensive frames or lenses, to which we will apply a 20% discount and they will pay the difference.

Corporate Eye Sight Tests – Examples:

Example 1

Reduced Sight Test Fee £50 (usually £95), VDU Spectacle Voucher £50 (agreed by company) & staff discount 20%

Employee attends for Sight test £50 and chooses VDU spectacles from a half price selected range costing £50.

Total:£100, (Usual Price £195)
Company Invoiced:(£50 + £50) £100
Employee Pays:£nil (Saving £195)

Example 2

Reduced Sight Test Fee £65 (usually £95), VDU Spectacle voucher £75 (agreed by company) & Staff Discount 20%

Employee attends for a sight test £65 and choses a pair of designer spectacles costing £300.

Total:£365, (Usual Price £395)
Employee Spectacles Discount:20% -£60.00
Company Invoiced:(£65 + £75) £140.00
Employee Pays:£165.00 (Usual Price £395 so Employee Saving £230)

Click the above image to download a £50 OFF printable voucher which can be redeemed against a complete pair of spectacles purchased in store before the 31st December 2016.
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