Repeated Low-level Red-light Therapy for Myopia Control

What is repeated low-level red-light therapy for Myopia control (RLRL)?

RLRL is a new method for treating myopia. Studies conducted on Chinese children showed that the use of repeated low-level red-light therapy reduced myopia progression by around 87.7%. Some children also experienced a reduction in their myopia.

The process is thought to increase the rate of blood flow and re-thicken the choroid tissue at the back of the eyes.

The treatment is non-invasive, child-friendly and convenient to do at home.

We are able to offer this treatment to our patients at Zacks London Eye Clinic as we are currently taking part in a unique pilot programme, using repeated low-level red-light therapy for myopia control.

Early, easy childhood myopia control

The patented Eyerising Myopia Management Device’s Repeated Low-level Red-light (RLRL) therapy is designed to be child-friendly, convenient to use at home, and effective at controlling childhood myopia. The device is non-invasive and has no risk of infection. It can be used without additional medications, eyedrops, or contact lenses, with no known significant side effects. This makes it suitable and easily tolerated by children as young as three and up to 16.

Myopia Control

Easy to use RLRL myopia control at home

Repeated Lo-level Red-light therapy involves looking into the device for a three minute treatment, twice per day, five days per week, with a minimum of four hours between sessions. The device is controlled via a simple touchscreen and monitors patient use. The system also sends reminders to the child’s guardians to maintain patient compliance and maximize treatment efficacy.

How to set up the device

Get in touch

If you’d like to know more or if you are concerned about your child’s progressive myopia then please contact us at our London clinic.

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