Essilor Eyecode ®

Essilor Eyecode (Visioffice) is a unique breakthrough in lens personalisation and is at the forefront of innovation for single vision and varifocal bespoke lenses. The dynamic 3D measurements, which can only be measured by Essilor’s Eyecode Visioffice system, pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Centre that is independent from head posture and unique to every person.

Lens centering is more accurate, as for the first time both the Pupil distance (Pd) and the fitting height (Fh) are related to the ERC position. Patients will benefit from:

  • Lenses that are five times more precise, giving a total lens-to-eye synergy,
  • Instant vision without effort
  • Dynamic and highly contrasted vision

What is Essilor Eyecode?

Eyecode is a technology exclusive to Essilor, and produces the most individualised lenses. The measurement is performed via a Visioffice machine and takes less than one minute.

Only Eyecode lenses use actual 3D measurements of the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC) of each eye. All other lens designs use assumed values for the ERC measurements. Which can differ up to 30% from patient to patient.

Eyecode lenses use actual ERC data for each eye as the new reference for pupillary distance and fitting height. They are up to five times more precise when compared to a lens with no personalisation.

Eyecode data combines the real 3D position of the ERC plus the natural head posture to provide the best visual quality in each gaze direction.

The three levels of personalisation; eye data, frame data and behaviour data, work together to tailor-make the most accurate lenses for your patients.

More information on Essilor Eyecode

If you would like more information on Essilor Eyecode, bespoke personalised lenses, or help with choosing glasses frames and lenses, please don’t hesitate to contact us or make an appointment at our London practice (30 Warren Street, London W1T 5NF)

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