Light Treatment for Dry Eyes – 75% Off

We have a unique opportunity  for patients with dry eyes/meibomian gland dysfunction to try both the intense pulsed light (IPL) AND low level light treatment (LLT) for only £99 until the end of August 2023.

IPL is used by medical and cosmetic practitioners for a variety of skin treatments and has proven extremely effective for treating evaporative dry eye and rosacea.

IPL works by rejuvenating damaged capillaries, reducing inflammation and unblocking the oil glands which keep the eyes lubricated.

LLT has also proven to be effective at treating meibomian gland dysfunction and improving tear volume, by gently warming the eye lids with a series of low powered LEDs.

The treatments can be combined for increased effect. The therapeutic benefit is semi-permanent, with significant improvement usually seen after the first session. Three or four sessions, spaced 10 days apart are often recommended for maximum effect followed by 6 month ‘top-up’s’.


How much does it usually cost?
The usual price of IPL is £275 per treatment and LLT is £125 per treatment. However, Zacks London Eye Clinic is offering you both treatments for just £99 until the end of August 2023.

Why are we giving away treatment so cheaply?
We are very lucky to have have the equipment on loan for a short trial period until the end of August. We are really keen to gauge interest and feedback before committing to purchasing the kit.

Who is suitable?
Light treatment is recommended for patients that need extra help with their dry eye management, where conservative measures with lubricants and a hot compress are not quite enough.
LLT is suitable for everyone, including children with all skin types, with mild, moderate or severe dry eyes.
IPL is suitable for most adults, exclusion criteria include medication causing photosensitivity or certain pigmentation.


Get in touch
If you would like to take part in this exciting trial. Please get in touch as soon as possible. (T) 020 7713 7713   (E)

Please note, we only have the trial equipment until the end of August.
All sessions will be charged at £99 during this period only.

Click the above image to download a £50 OFF printable voucher which can be redeemed against a complete pair of spectacles purchased in store before the 31st December 2016.
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