Client Testimonials

Honestly the best eye test and service I’ve had from any optician in my life. Really really recommend!!

Vikesh Patel

Visited Jonathan for specialist treatment and was fantastic, very thorough exam and superbly fitted lenses. More importantly, the aftercare and support from J and his staff were exceptional – it was the best decision I’ve made to go to Zacks. Will recommend to everyone.

James Hume

I was recommended to come to this clinic by my friend and managed to get the appointment on the same day. Andrea, who checked my eyes is great, very professional, calm, explained everything. Would definitely recommend!!

Kristina Ute

I was recommended to see the optometrist at Zacks by a colleague because I have a very high prescription and had problems with previous opticians. The examination was of a much higher standard than I have ever experienced before and I am so happy with my new glasses and contact lenses. I cannot recommend these guys enough!

Ariana Lopez

I had a great experience during a visit for my eye test, very efficient and knowledgeable and were a great help.

I also brought 3 pairs glasses as the condition of the frames and lenses was top quality.
All the staff make me feel really comfortable and I definitely recommend a visit.

J. Cornbloom

Zacks is brilliant and Jonathan is a thoughtful optician.  He has great attention to detail and thinks very carefully about hand crafting the perfect prescription.  The service they provide is truly bespoke and after years of wonderful service I wouldn’t go back to any other clinic now.

Peter Chapman

Dear Jonathan,

I am writing to record my gratitude for the expert care and meticulous attention I have received at Zacks for over 25 years.

Clive Coen, Professor of Neuroscience.

Dear Zacks London Eye Clinic,

I recently had an appointment with Jonathan at your Warren Street practice. As a starting point, I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for his extremely thorough ophthalmic examination. I was truly impressed with his dedication and skill. Moreover, he has helped solve a problem with my eyes that I have had for awhile now, and now that it is fixed, I realize just how poor my near sight actually was. THANK YOU!

I received my prescription glasses today by post and absolutely love them. They are perfect!

The glasses I will wear for reading, computer work, and any other work up close. However, as I spend a good deal of time working under an operating microscope, I wanted to ask what the options might be to also obtain a pair of contact lenses that I could put on/take off as needed for performing surgery under the microscope? alternatively, based on my prescription, is this something I could fix with changing the diopter on the individual eye pieces?

Again, a million praises for the help of everyone at Zacks. I will highly recommend you and your clinic to any and/all in need of eye care. I thank you kindly for any help you can provide as it pertains to the above query.

Kind Regards,

James Histed
Ophthalmic Veterinary Surgeon

After thorough research, we chose Zacks Eye Clinic and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The Ortho K lenses have completely improved the quality of our life and the competency and service provided by Zacks Eye Clinic has been nothing short of amazing. We would whole heartedly recommend Zacks Eye Clinic and Ortho K lenses to anyone else who is tired of eye glasses or wearing contacts during the day.

Anya and Stephen

Dear Jonathan

I am so pleased with my new contact lenses. They fit much better than any other pair of contact lenses that I’ve owned before and the vision and comfort is fantastic.

I was recommended to Zacks eye clinic by a close friend, after having severe eye problems induced by my previous contact lenses. I was starting to give up hope that I would be able to wear them again so I am extremely grateful.

I also love the new glasses that your dispensing optician helped me choose.

Thanks again

Sarb Nijjer

Dear Jonathan,

I would like to share with you my impressions and experiences over the past few months whilst receiving treatment at the Kings Cross Eye Clinic (KCEC).

In order to put this review into context, I should mention that I am a forty one year old female, who has been wearing glasses since the age of six and contact lenses from the age of seventeen.

At the age of five I was diagnosed with severe long-sightedness with an accompanying squint (strabismus) which progressively worsened and resulted in surgical intervention. I was also diagnosed with an astigmatism on my left eye which is not correctable with glasses or contact lenses. My sight problems were identified at school from an apparent lack of interest in reading and writing as I could not see text clearly. It was also noted on a number of occasions that I was cross-eyed. Following surgery, to correct the squint, I became the proud owner of a pair of NHS glasses. Given the severity of my prescription, the lenses I had looked like the bottoms of milk bottles but I didn’t care in those days because they enabled me to see properly.

In the 60’s through to the 90’s it was rare to find a technician that could cut a wafer thin lens adequately that would reduce magnification of the eyes and was aesthetically pleasing to the wearer. Over the past thirty years I’ve accepted that there is no other option but to wear very thick glasses. Until recently I’ve only worn my glasses at home, never in public as the lenses were still fairly thick with magnification.

In the past I would dread every eye sight test as the family optician I used to see prior to 2001 would make me feel as if I had a major disability, which I didn’t appreciate. Selecting a suitable pair of glasses was equally humiliating as I would be reminded of the fact that the glasses would look very different with my prescription in them and should therefore not expect too much.

In 2001 I found a new optician in Windsor with a good reputation and I purchased a new pair of contact lenses and glasses from them in 2002.  However despite several repeat visits to their practice to inform them that I could not see clearly through the glasses, I was left feeling that it was all my fault and to this day I still have the same pair of glasses which I still cannot see through. The latter pair of glasses cost approximately £450.

Over the past ten years I have changed opticians twice and have only recently this past year found a clinic who I feel very comfortable with, I can trust and who makes me feel like a normal human being.

Recent impressions and experiences receiving treatment at the Kings Cross Eye clinic

At the end of 2006 I decided to consider upgrading my existing pair of glasses with a new trendy pair of frames – the kind of frames that are advertised in magazines, on the TV and in newspapers. I doubted whether I could get anything that would be an improvement on my previous set of glasses however I decided to give it a go.

Given my recent experiences with opticians and the treatment I’d received I decided to search for an eye clinic that would understand my very complicated prescription and would have the technology and experience to perform a proper eyesight test and advise me appropriately. I searched on Google for a local clinic in the London area that would meet my needs and the Kings Cross Eye Clinic, amongst some others came up.

In November, 2006 on my way home from work via Kings Cross Station, I decided to call into the clinic to investigate their services. Surprisingly the clinic was still open at 6pm on a Thursday evening. Parminder Bhachu, the clinics dispensing optician greeted me. I explained that I was looking to upgrade my current pair of glasses and also wanted a thorough eye sight test. I was given the option of having an eye sight test that evening or the following day. Parminder explained the whole process and how long it would take plus he pointed out that the KCEC had the most up-to-date imaging technology. He also explained that the optometrist would explain exactly what was being tested for at each stage.

My eyesight test for new glasses was performed the same evening by the KCEC optometrist, Jonathan Cohen and took about 30-45 mins. I was extremely impressed with the care I received. I’ve never seen a visual of my eyeball before nor have I ever discussed in detail my prescription and astigmatism. The test was extremely thorough.

Following my test, Jonathan passed over my prescription to Parminder who spent some time helping me to select suitable frames that would accommodate my needs. I showed him my current pair of glasses and asked whether they could get the lenses any thinner. Parminder spent a considerable amount of time with me; in my view certainly above and beyond the service I had ever received before. He searched to find a suitable laboratory that would cut the lenses as thinly as possible and selected the most appropriate material for the lenses that would make the glasses much lighter to wear. We discussed numerous options before placing the order and he spent a great deal of time explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials that could be used.  He also thoroughly explained how certain materials were more appropriate for certain prescriptions and was extremely helpful in assisting me to achieve my goal of having the thinnest, most aesthetically pleasing lenses possible.

Parminder ordered an additional piece of equipment to measure the thickness of my current lenses precisely so that they could have an accurate baseline to work from. We then tried out a number of different frames and I was advised which frame would better emphasise the thinness of the lenses. It was a very pleasant experience and I was left feeling very special.

I picked up my new glasses within two weeks of having the test and was extremely pleased.  They look fantastic, the lenses are the thinnest I have ever had and, most importantly, the prescription is perfect.  I’m so happy with the glasses I’ve started to wear them in public and am constantly receiving compliments on how nice they look.  They are certainly a huge change from my old pair which I considered to be thick and ugly!  I have since returned to the KCEC to order new contact lenses. Again, the experience was equally as pleasant. My new contact lenses fit much better than any other pair of lenses that I’ve owned before. They were even colour coded to assist me in wearing them in the right eyes!!

I would like to thank everyone at the KCEC for their professionalism, customer service and after care, all of which I believe were exceptional.  With KCEC looking after me, I will never again dread a visit to the opticians.


Lesley-Ann Norcross
Global Head, Business Analysis
Pharma Development, Welwyn


I have been wearing contact lenses for 30 years and decided to try the Kings Cross Eye Clinic which had recently opened by the station.

During the eye examination, I was very impressed by the sophisticated and modern equipment that was used to diagnose the health and condition of my eyes and was especially pleased to see the digital photograph of the back of my eyes.  The optician was very helpful and informative when he advised me on the general health of my eyes based on this information.  I was also reassured to see the use of digital technology in the storage of my personal data as it meant the ability to call up my files as and when they were required.  In the weeks to come when I had to change my lenses, I had to call the Clinic to confirm the prescription for each eye and this information was given to me in seconds.

Because of my astigmatism and myopia, he also took great care to examine the range of products available to ensure the best possible fit and leve of correction.  When he recommended a product that had to be tailor made for me, he also took great care to negotiate a deal that would give me maximum value for money.  His entire approach was professional and sympathetic to my needs and the service I received from him and his team was quite simply the best I have had.  Even after I had received and paid for the products, he continued to advise me on lens care and eye health.

The personal care and attention I received was very different to the chain of opticians that I had tried over the years. The recommendations and advice was objective and professional and I recommend the Clinic without reservation.


To whom it may concern,

I made my first appointment with KCEC after having a rather mixed experience having used large high street practices in the past.  Having been a contact lens wearer over many years with intermittent results and several eye irritations, I had almost made up my mind to stop wearing lenses.  In a final attempt, I searched on the internet for a contact lens specialist and was very impressed by the kcec website. I decided to get a second opinion from Jonathan Cohen who works as an Optometrist in Kings Cross.

For me it was a totally new experience to be examined by the latest equipment and to have a contact lens specialist who also did the eye examination.  He quickly diagnosed the problem and was totally reassuring in his approach which helped me reassess my decision to stop wearing lenses, as I felt under his care it would be safe to do so.  He went beyond expectations in finding the correct lenses for me to see both in the distance and for reading (monovision).  I had been converted.

I was so impressed that I decided to replace my out of date glasses and was sent to see his dispenser Parm, a charming gentleman who again went out of his way to help me decide which glasses to wear and how to wear them as they were a new varifocal type.

From my experience, I moved my wife and daughter to KCEC and both have been delighted in their move. The other staff should be mentioned as being very patient and pleasant to deal with.  In no way do you feel rushed or pushed to go into certain directions, but they are always on standby to help and give opinions.

I would recommend this practice to anyone for having the latest up to date equipment, having the knowledge and expertise to deal with all eye related problems, the feel of a family run business and at a very reasonable cost in the heart of London.


Laurens Holve

To whom it may concern

I was looking for an independent optometrist who could look after my eyes because I have a very high prescription and recently became diabetic. I was not happy with the care I received in my local practice and was recommended to Zacks Eye Clinics.

I was extremely impressed with Jonathan Cohen’s expertise and professionalism. He used fantastic modern equipment to scan and photograph my eyes. He was very thorough and reassuring, putting my mind at rest that there were no diabetic changes.

I decided to update my glasses and can honestly say that my new glasses are the best I have ever had. I regularly receive complements from friends and colleagues and my vision is fantastic.

When I found out that Zacks specialise in young children I brought my grandchildren (ages 3 and 6) to see Jonathan Cohen for their examinations and I was delighted that they both were given the all clear after an extremely thorough exam using a fantastic array of picture charts and hi-tech equipment. My whole family will be following on to the practice and I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone seeking top quality, honest advice.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S. Bergson – Eastcote, Middlesex

To Whom It May Concern,

I have just said to my daughter that Jonathan Cohen is the best optometrist I have ever seen. This is in part to settle her nerves, but mainly because it is true. I have seen many optometrists and have had many eye checks and none have been as helpful or as positive an experience as with Jonathan.

My first experience with Jonathan was around a year ago by my husband, whos entire company are patients of Zacks Eye Clinic. When I first attended I required varifocal lenses for the first time. Soon after I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Jonathan’s support and patience while I adapted to the lenses and diagnosis was over and above what one would hope for. He liased with my consultant sending a medical report with retinal photographs which meant I did not need this repeated. As a busy doctor and mother this was extremely helpful.

During the making and fitting of two pairs of spectacles I was able to observe Jonathan’s interaction with the practice staff. His manner is gentle and effective and his staff responded to him in an equally effective manner. I, my family and my husband’s staff will continue to attend Zacks Eye Clinic because of the experience we have all had with Jonathan and his happy, friendly, helpful, experienced and very professional team.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Maragret Bailey

As someone who’s been buying glasses all my life in London, Zack Eye Clinic seems to me unique, offering intelligent and carefully considered solutions to my vision issues. Jonathan and his team studied the way I used my glasses and came up with long-term plans that have worked really well for me. I would recommend him to anyone who cares about their sight. They also have a really superb selection of frames.

Christopher Fowler

I recommend this place. Welcoming, helpful people in a small and friendly business. The Optician was thorough, efficient and practical.  I didn’t feel like I was being sold something I didn’t need. Good range of spectacles to choose from and everything very well done.

Businesses like this should be supported – they offer something different and that is something to be valued.

Anthony Adams

Excellent service and quality. I was able to pass colour blindness test with their ChromaGen glasses. Massive choice of top quality frames. Highly recommended.

Jacob Jay

Zacks are fantastic and the optician that took my appointment was incredibly professional. I have spent years with very uncomfortable prescriptions, and they took the time to really dig into what was going on. A complete eye health check with some really fancy 3d scanning showed all was ok there, so the problems I was having came down to my previous prescriptions and how out of balance they had been. Putting on the new prescriptions for the 1st time was fantastic, no more eye strain. A relief! Thank you Zacks, patient for life. If you need a full clinical eye exam, this is the place.

Edward Radcliffe

I first came to Zacks because I was worried about my son’s progressive myopia when he was just 8 years old. Every 6 months his prescription was increasing and already -4.00 at such a young age. We were recommend to see Jonathan by a friend whose child had similar issues. Jonathan is very professional and did a very thorough examination. We discussed the treatment options and decided to try Orthok. I am so glad we did because since starting the treatment my sons prescription has hardly changed in 4 years. Being free from glasses also helps him with sports, especially swimming, his favourite.

Thomas Chang

My ophthalmologist suggested I see Jonathan for specialist contact lenses for keratoconus. I was very impressed by the through examination, and superbly fitted lenses. My vision is now excellent, better than I’ve seen in years. The service and follow up care were excellent and I would definitely recommend.

Aziz Kahn

To whom It may concern,

I am writing to record my grateful thanks to your understanding and kind receptionist who attended to me last week. I was in London for an international conference and split a contact lens. Unusually, I had no replacement with me. I was directed to your clinic,  and your front of house staff member very kindly listened to my tale of woe, spoke to my optician in Newcastle, and furnished me with temporary replacement contact lenses.

This act of generosity and professional courtesy was delivered with grace and was greatly appreciated by me. I am aware, from looking at the website, that your clinics have won national awards for the technical expertise and compassion provided by the optical side of the office, but it is clear that there is a similarly effective and understanding staff to welcome visitors through the door.

Yours sincerely

Dr Colin Doig

To whom it may concern,

Jonathan Cohen; Kings Cross Eye Clinic

Last year, I realised that my 4-year old daughter, Hannah, had vision problems. I had noticed that she would put her face very close to books that we were looking at. I raised this with the nursery she was attending, and was told that I was concerned about nothing. They felt that what was more important was that her ability to persevere at things was not great, and that she was becoming disruptive; this was put down to behavioural issues.

Having only been in London for less than 2 years at that point, I was at a loss as to what to do. The optician that I’d been to for my own eyes seemed adequate (I have rather uncomplicated eyes and good vision), but I was concerned to find an optician that knew about children. I searched the Internet, and found the information for KCEC—particularly that Jonathan Cohen had an interest in paediatric optometry—and made an appointment. What particularly drew me was that the website explained how children’s eyes and vision are tested, and I felt that it was likely to give me a reliable diagnosis That first appointment has, literally, changed Hannah’s (and my) life.

We first saw Jonathan’s colleague Lucinda, who was excellent. She felt it important that Jonathan look at Hannah and confirm her views, and get a completely accurate diagnosis. Both Lucinda, and then Jonathan, were great. Hannah is quite a strong-minded girl, but they were patient and calm. It was a long and throrough test, involving high-tech equipment as well as special visuals for children. Hannah did get quite tired and difficult, but everyone remained patient and accommodating.

It was found that Hannah has quite severe astigmatism in both eyes, and that getting a diagnosis and correction early on was extremely important. For me the best part of this was that nobody was telling me I was being silly and imagining things. A whole lot of things now make sense; the fact that Hannah seemed not to recognise people unless they were talking to her; the very large handwriting she seemed to be developing. Instead of being told I was being silly, I was told that I had done an extremely important thing, that could make a big difference to my daughter’s vision through the rest of her life.

Everything–about the equipment, the diagnosis, and the impact—was explained to me, and I was treated as someone who could understand and be involved in my child’s eye health, rather than simply being told what to do. I felt that Jonathan was interested in the work, and talked directly about what he was doing while testing and diagnosing. For Hannah, the best part of this has been that she now can actually see. Her ‘disruptive’ behaviour has disappeared, and it is clear that she is a smart kid who can understand and do things. We had a second test 3 months later, which showed that her vision has improved. 6 months on now, and her reading is developing exceptionally well. Most importantly, she is a much happier child.

Following this positive experience my husband—who has worn spectacles since age 7—also came for an eye test. He was recommended high quality lenses and frames which he is extremely pleased with. Having visited many opticians through his life, his experience at KCEC was definitely one of the more positive ones. I also brought my son, Matthew, who is 3 1/2 for an eye test, which was conducted with the same mix of professionalism, calm, and friendliness.

We live and I work in South East London, but I will continue to travel to Kings Cross to take my family to KCEC because I absolutely believe that the quality of eyecare that we get there is worth the travel. While that is the most important aspect, it also comes with excellent service, friendliness and professionalism: Hannah’s glasses broke a while ago and they arranged an immediate replacement pair. I have no hesitation in recommending KCEC to friends of all ages. Jonathan Cohen,together with the staff in his practice, has made a huge difference to the life of one littlegirl and her family.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Rauchas

Dear Zacks Eye Clinic

Thank you for the very thorough eye examination and wonderful new glasses I collected last week.
The professional expertise and personal care and attention were in a different league to my previous experiences and I will certainly recommend the clinic without reservation.

With best wishes

Guy Levy

To whom it may concern.

I made my first appointment at the Kings Cross Eye Clinic for a sight test after being a regular patient of the physiotherapist there. I have worn glasses for most of my life and was finding my vision was getting blurred particularly in the left eye.

I was extremely impressed by the examination conducted by Jonathan Cohen using the latest computer based equipment. He was extremely thorough in checking the health of my eyes and took several photographs and scans of the front and back of my eyes. This was particularly helpful in illustrating why my eyes were getting dry and how I needed to clean my eye lids.

He also offered me the opportunity to take a copy of the photographs and performed a visual field test.

Jonathan then spent a considerable amount of time ensuring my new prescription was as accurate as possible and checked it using several different methods. At the end of the examination we compared my vision with my old glasses and I was amazed at how much it could be improved.

This was the most thorough and best eye examination I have ever had and the advice given and the resultant glasses were remarkable. The use of the technology was explained and the results explained and shown to me.

I particularly wanted some good quality sunglasses for use on a diving holiday and Parminder Bhachu went to great lengths to explain all of the available options and prices. I decided to have some specially made by Maui Jim and am pleased to say that they are the best sunglasses I have ever owned.

I was so impressed that I decided to also change my every day varifocals and again Parm found me an excellent frame and lens which was far superior to my previous experiences.

My hobby is diving and I had found driving and examining dive sights extremely difficult and advice and glasses from Parminder have enabled me to drive safely and I look forward to the diving side in April.

I thoroughly recommend KCEC to anyone who wants top quality eye care and advice without any sales pressure. My whole experience at the practice was very enjoyable and informative and I look forward to returning next year for another examination.

It was the most thorough examination I have ever had, simple but excellent advice on care of my eyes. The resultant glasses have greatly improved my quality of life, reading, watching Television and seeing what is around me.

Fr. Jim Kennedy
R.C. Dean of Islington.
Parish Priest, Blessed Sacrament

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to take his opportunity to place my wholehearted support to the applications of the Kings Cross Eye Clinic at the forthcoming Optician sponsored Eyecare awards. I can confirm that their application is a first class contender for the respective awards.

As a new start practice they have invested heavily in the latest practice technology, software, refraction equipment, imaging equipment, designer products and dispensing technology whilst maintaining a broad appeal to all patients in a designated regeneration area of London.

The staff are a credit to their profession being courteous and polite as well as providing knowledgeable and professional advice to their patients. In particular I would wish to single out Mr Parminder Bhachu as a particularly talented and conscientious Dispensing optician and Mr Jonathan Cohen as an excellent Optometrist.
Yours sincerely

Martin D Thompson FBDO
Managing Director
Nikon Optical UK Ltd.

Dear Jonathan,

The atmosphere at KCEC is at once friendly and professional, both in the reception area and the consulting room. The premises are stylish, light and spotlessly clean and the optical equipment is very impressive. Within this modern, fashionable setting, KCEC evidently provide a full range of services.

My own treatment, as a 50-year old patient, involved a careful monitoring and analysis of my eye functions and characteristics over several weeks, with particular attention paid to changes in colour maps and technical data over this period.

Besides supplying gas permeable contact lenses and a pair of glasses, Mr Cohen also informed me about a new optical treatment programme, aimed at stabilising the shape of the eye through a series of specialist contact lens prescriptions.

Coming out into the reception area, I would see customers coming in for appointments or looking at designer frames and less expensive models, all displayed equally attractively. It is a clear characteristic of the place that all patients, from private to NHS, are treated with the same courtesy and concern.

Good luck with the award application, and all the best,

Mrs J. M. Boyle

To Whom It May Concern:

The Kings Cross Eye Clinic is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of Mr. Jonathan Cohen and his staff. The practice is fitted with modern displays and the latest media equipment, making a welcoming visual impact on incoming clients. I was very impressed by the friendly, attentive and highly knowledgeable staff who are clearly committed to delivering the best service possible. Having sent several patients to be tested at the Clinic, I can attest to the high standards of optical practice offered and the superb, highly advanced testing equipment used.

From a supplier point of view, it is a pleasure to work with The KCEC. The practice stocks some of the best products in the market place and closely follows changing trends, which is beyond my previous experiences in the UK. I strongly recommend the KCEC for the Opticians Award, for its innovativeness, outstanding client service and its pursuit of excellence in its operations with clients and suppliers.


Jonathan van Blerk – Mykita United Kingdom and Ireland

To: ‘Jonathan Cohen’

Jonathan Cohen visited Clerkenwell Parochial CE school in Islington, London in the Autumn term of 2008. Whilst on site, he conducted vision screening for all 170 pupils at the school, aged 4 to 11 years. As a result of Mr. Cohen’s offer to make his services available to our school, a significant number of pupils are now wearing glasses; these pupils would otherwise have spent a great deal longer with undiagnosed sight problems.

An optometrist had never contacted the school before to offer to screen all the pupils and we were delighted that the screening was carried out with such consummate professionalism. Mr. Cohen put the children at their ease and all parents were informed of the results of the screening sessions.

We would use this service again without hesitation and were very impressed with Mr. Cohen’s proactive approach to ensuring that children’s vision is cared for appropriately.

Matt O’Brien

Head of School

Clerkenwell Parochial CE School

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