Clerkenwell School

To: ‘Jonathan Cohen’

Jonathan Cohen visited Clerkenwell Parochial CE school in Islington, London in the Autumn term of 2008. Whilst on site, he conducted vision screening for all 170 pupils at the school, aged 4 to 11 years. As a result of Mr. Cohen’s offer to make his services available to our school, a significant number of pupils are now wearing glasses; these pupils would otherwise have spent a great deal longer with undiagnosed sight problems.

An optometrist had never contacted the school before to offer to screen all the pupils and we were delighted that the screening was carried out with such consummate professionalism. Mr. Cohen put the children at their ease and all parents were informed of the results of the screening sessions.

We would use this service again without hesitation and were very impressed with Mr. Cohen’s proactive approach to ensuring that children’s vision is cared for appropriately.

Matt O’Brien

Head of School

Clerkenwell Parochial CE School