James Histed

Dear Zacks London Eye Clinic,

I recently had an appointment with Jonathan at your Warren Street practice. As a starting point, I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for his extremely thorough ophthalmic examination. I was truly impressed with his dedication and skill. Moreover, he has helped solve a problem with my eyes that I have had for awhile now, and now that it is fixed, I realize just how poor my near sight actually was. THANK YOU!

I received my prescription glasses today by post and absolutely love them. They are perfect!

The glasses I will wear for reading, computer work, and any other work up close. However, as I spend a good deal of time working under an operating microscope, I wanted to ask what the options might be to also obtain a pair of contact lenses that I could put on/take off as needed for performing surgery under the microscope? alternatively, based on my prescription, is this something I could fix with changing the diopter on the individual eye pieces?

Again, a million praises for the help of everyone at Zacks. I will highly recommend you and your clinic to any and/all in need of eye care. I thank you kindly for any help you can provide as it pertains to the above query.

Kind Regards,

James Histed
Ophthalmic Veterinary Surgeon