Laurens Holve

To whom it may concern,

I made my first appointment with KCEC after having a rather mixed experience having used large high street practices in the past.  Having been a contact lens wearer over many years with intermittent results and several eye irritations, I had almost made up my mind to stop wearing lenses.  In a final attempt, I searched on the internet for a contact lens specialist and was very impressed by the kcec website. I decided to get a second opinion from Jonathan Cohen who works as an Optometrist in Kings Cross.

For me it was a totally new experience to be examined by the latest equipment and to have a contact lens specialist who also did the eye examination.  He quickly diagnosed the problem and was totally reassuring in his approach which helped me reassess my decision to stop wearing lenses, as I felt under his care it would be safe to do so.  He went beyond expectations in finding the correct lenses for me to see both in the distance and for reading (monovision).  I had been converted.

I was so impressed that I decided to replace my out of date glasses and was sent to see his dispenser Parm, a charming gentleman who again went out of his way to help me decide which glasses to wear and how to wear them as they were a new varifocal type.

From my experience, I moved my wife and daughter to KCEC and both have been delighted in their move. The other staff should be mentioned as being very patient and pleasant to deal with.  In no way do you feel rushed or pushed to go into certain directions, but they are always on standby to help and give opinions.

I would recommend this practice to anyone for having the latest up to date equipment, having the knowledge and expertise to deal with all eye related problems, the feel of a family run business and at a very reasonable cost in the heart of London.


Laurens Holve

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