Lesley-Ann Norcross

Dear Jonathan,

I would like to share with you my impressions and experiences over the past few months whilst receiving treatment at the Kings Cross Eye Clinic (KCEC).

In order to put this review into context, I should mention that I am a forty one year old female, who has been wearing glasses since the age of six and contact lenses from the age of seventeen.

At the age of five I was diagnosed with severe long-sightedness with an accompanying squint (strabismus) which progressively worsened and resulted in surgical intervention. I was also diagnosed with an astigmatism on my left eye which is not correctable with glasses or contact lenses. My sight problems were identified at school from an apparent lack of interest in reading and writing as I could not see text clearly. It was also noted on a number of occasions that I was cross-eyed. Following surgery, to correct the squint, I became the proud owner of a pair of NHS glasses. Given the severity of my prescription, the lenses I had looked like the bottoms of milk bottles but I didn’t care in those days because they enabled me to see properly.

In the 60’s through to the 90’s it was rare to find a technician that could cut a wafer thin lens adequately that would reduce magnification of the eyes and was aesthetically pleasing to the wearer. Over the past thirty years I’ve accepted that there is no other option but to wear very thick glasses. Until recently I’ve only worn my glasses at home, never in public as the lenses were still fairly thick with magnification.

In the past I would dread every eye sight test as the family optician I used to see prior to 2001 would make me feel as if I had a major disability, which I didn’t appreciate. Selecting a suitable pair of glasses was equally humiliating as I would be reminded of the fact that the glasses would look very different with my prescription in them and should therefore not expect too much.

In 2001 I found a new optician in Windsor with a good reputation and I purchased a new pair of contact lenses and glasses from them in 2002.  However despite several repeat visits to their practice to inform them that I could not see clearly through the glasses, I was left feeling that it was all my fault and to this day I still have the same pair of glasses which I still cannot see through. The latter pair of glasses cost approximately £450.

Over the past ten years I have changed opticians twice and have only recently this past year found a clinic who I feel very comfortable with, I can trust and who makes me feel like a normal human being.

Recent impressions and experiences receiving treatment at the Kings Cross Eye clinic

At the end of 2006 I decided to consider upgrading my existing pair of glasses with a new trendy pair of frames – the kind of frames that are advertised in magazines, on the TV and in newspapers. I doubted whether I could get anything that would be an improvement on my previous set of glasses however I decided to give it a go.

Given my recent experiences with opticians and the treatment I’d received I decided to search for an eye clinic that would understand my very complicated prescription and would have the technology and experience to perform a proper eyesight test and advise me appropriately. I searched on Google for a local clinic in the London area that would meet my needs and the Kings Cross Eye Clinic, amongst some others came up.

In November, 2006 on my way home from work via Kings Cross Station, I decided to call into the clinic to investigate their services. Surprisingly the clinic was still open at 6pm on a Thursday evening. Parminder Bhachu, the clinics dispensing optician greeted me. I explained that I was looking to upgrade my current pair of glasses and also wanted a thorough eye sight test. I was given the option of having an eye sight test that evening or the following day. Parminder explained the whole process and how long it would take plus he pointed out that the KCEC had the most up-to-date imaging technology. He also explained that the optometrist would explain exactly what was being tested for at each stage.

My eyesight test for new glasses was performed the same evening by the KCEC optometrist, Jonathan Cohen and took about 30-45 mins. I was extremely impressed with the care I received. I’ve never seen a visual of my eyeball before nor have I ever discussed in detail my prescription and astigmatism. The test was extremely thorough.

Following my test, Jonathan passed over my prescription to Parminder who spent some time helping me to select suitable frames that would accommodate my needs. I showed him my current pair of glasses and asked whether they could get the lenses any thinner. Parminder spent a considerable amount of time with me; in my view certainly above and beyond the service I had ever received before. He searched to find a suitable laboratory that would cut the lenses as thinly as possible and selected the most appropriate material for the lenses that would make the glasses much lighter to wear. We discussed numerous options before placing the order and he spent a great deal of time explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials that could be used.  He also thoroughly explained how certain materials were more appropriate for certain prescriptions and was extremely helpful in assisting me to achieve my goal of having the thinnest, most aesthetically pleasing lenses possible.

Parminder ordered an additional piece of equipment to measure the thickness of my current lenses precisely so that they could have an accurate baseline to work from. We then tried out a number of different frames and I was advised which frame would better emphasise the thinness of the lenses. It was a very pleasant experience and I was left feeling very special.

I picked up my new glasses within two weeks of having the test and was extremely pleased.  They look fantastic, the lenses are the thinnest I have ever had and, most importantly, the prescription is perfect.  I’m so happy with the glasses I’ve started to wear them in public and am constantly receiving compliments on how nice they look.  They are certainly a huge change from my old pair which I considered to be thick and ugly!  I have since returned to the KCEC to order new contact lenses. Again, the experience was equally as pleasant. My new contact lenses fit much better than any other pair of lenses that I’ve owned before. They were even colour coded to assist me in wearing them in the right eyes!!

I would like to thank everyone at the KCEC for their professionalism, customer service and after care, all of which I believe were exceptional.  With KCEC looking after me, I will never again dread a visit to the opticians.


Lesley-Ann Norcross
Global Head, Business Analysis
Pharma Development, Welwyn

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